How to Apply for Portugal Visa in Pakistan 2023?

Portugal is a trending country among Pakistanis because it’s giving legal status to anyone who legally enters Portugal. If you are planning to visit Portugal or settle down there then you have to first apply for a visitor’s visa and I’m here to guide you on how to apply for a Portugal visa in Pakistan in 2023 with a step-by-step procedure.

How to Apply for Portugal Visa in Pakistan

Types of Portugal Visas in Pakistan

Portugal has an embassy in Islamabad and it issues many types of visas to Pakistani and Afghan citizens. They can issue visit visas, business visas, student visas, humanitarian visas, and official visas. They also issue the following categories of visas in Pakistan:

  1. Job seeker visa
  2. Medical Purpose visa
  3. Digital Nomad Visa (D8)
  4. Passive income visa (D7)
  5. Independent Work Visa
  6. Entrepreneur/Start-up visa (D2)
  7. Family reunion visa

The tourism visa of Portugal is also called a Schengen visa because Portugal is part of the Schengen zone and can issue Schengen visas to applicants who want to visit Portugal.

What’s Portugal Schengen Visa?

Since Portugal is part of the larger Schengen area which is a block consisting of 27 countries from the European Union and they issue a single combined visa with which you can visit all 27 countries including Italy, Germany, and Spain. However, you have to decide which country is your main destination in the Schengen zone. If Portugal is your main destination then you can apply for a Schengen visa through Portugal.

How to Apply for Portugal Visa in Pakistan?

Now the main thing is how to start the process of applying for a Portugal visa in Pakistan. The application process for a Portugal visa is handled by VFS Global that’s an outsourcing company that will receive, validate and process your application. However, the decision-making is solely rested with the embassy of Portugal in Islamabad.

How to Get an Appointment for Portugal Visa in Pakistan?

You can book an appointment with VFS Global for submitting your visa application to Portugal’s embassy in Pakistan. These days, getting an appointment for a Portugal visa is not an easy task but if you try again and again then it will work. Click here for an appointment.

What Documents are Required for Portugal Visa in Pakistan?

There is a standard list of documents required for a Schengen visa application. However, each Schengen country has slightly different requirements. However, for a Portugal Schengen visa, you will need to gather and prepare the following documents before your appointment date at VFS Global:

  1. Documents provided by all VISA applicants must be in Portuguese or English language
  2. Application form duly completed and signed (For minors and incapacitated, forms should be signed by the legal guardian)
  3. One recent passport-size photograph
  4. Passport/travel document: Must have a validity of at least 3 months after the intended stay + (plus) be issued within the previous 10 years + (plus) have 2 blank pages.
  5. It is recommended to attach previous passports (if applicable)
  6. Copy of Pakistani identity card (CNIC)
  7. For non-Pakistani Nationals residing in Pakistan: Proof of legal residence in Pakistan as appropriate (such as long-stay visa, and/or residence or work permit) valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the requested visa
  8. Return or round trip from Pakistan to Portugal
  9. If trips include several stops in the territory of the Member States, reservations of the intra-Schengen itinerary (train, flights, car rental)
  10. A hotel reservation, or alternative proof of accommodation for the entire stay
  11. Travel medical insurance (original + 1 copy) covers the entire territory of all Schengen Member States with a minimum coverage of 30.000,00 € (euros) for medical expenses and is valid for the whole period you plan to stay in the Schengen area
  12. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) () ➢ Issued in English by NADRA (Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority)
  13. National Tax Number Certificate (or proof of exemption if applicable); and Federal Board of Revenue acknowledgment of tax returns for the last two fiscal years before the application date
  14. Bank account statement for the last 6 months: Bank statements showing movements in the last six months, duly signed and stamped by the bank
  15. Employees: Letter addressed to “Embassy of Portugal in Islamabad”, dated not later than one month with the company’s letterhead stating the approval for a leave of absence, specifying the dates of absence, position and salary of the employee, duration of employment, the purpose of absence, contact number of employer + (plus) payslips for the last three months before the application date + (plus) copy of the employment contract.
  16. Company owners or self-employed ➢ Certificate of registration of the company and chamber of commerce certificate.
  17. Civil servants/government employees: Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the Administration/public service employing the applicant stating the dates of the intended visit to Portugal and the Schengen area countries.
  18. Retired persons: Pension statements for the last six months
  19. Minor (s) traveling with one or none of the parents/legal guardians: Proof of consent by one (if traveling with the other except in case of a single parent having sole duly attested custody or guardianship) or two parents in an affidavit with details of the planned trip and name of sponsors/guardians during the trip
  20. Copy of the non-travelling parent(s) Pakistani identity card(s) (CNIC(s)) and passport(s)
  21. Proof of enrolment at school/college (in case of a student)
  22. Copies of the passport personal details page and previous visas
  23. Download Portugal Visa Form

These are standard documents for different people such as the working class, business people, and students. But these documents are specific to tourism visas. If you are applying for other types of visas then I will mention the documents list for those types as well.

How to Apply for Portugal Visa in Pakistan

Required Documents for Purtogal D2 Business Visa in Pakistan

D2 is an entrepreneur and start-up visa in Portugal that you can apply for at the Portugal embassy in Pakistan. For this visa, you need to have a business plan for Portugal or you can buy an existing business in Portugal. Once all the formalities are fulfilled in Portugal through a lawyer or representative then you can apply for this visa in Pakistan with the required documents.

You will need to provide company formation or a detailed business plan and activities for a D2 visa. They will interview you about your business plan and check all the required documents before issuing you a D2 visa for Portugal. That’s one year visa.

Required Documents for Portugal Digital Nomad D8 Visa in Pakistan

Digital Nomad (D8) is a new type of visa you can apply at the Portugal embassy in Pakistan. This visa is designed for those who are Digital nomads and remote workers such as freelancers, programmers, and digital marketers who work from home. If you are earning $3200 per month online then you can apply for this visa in Pakistan.

The other documents for Portugal digital nomad visa are a residential contract for one year in Portugal, at least $10,000 USD in your bank account in Pakistan, and a criminal record certificate from Pakistan. You will still need to provide the standard documents.

Required Documents for Purtogal D7 Visa in Pakistan

This visa offers a chance to those who have passive income such as rental income or income from dividends. You will need to show a minimum of 760 Euro per month income in order to apply for this visa from Pakistan. This visa is for one year and you will need a one-year rental contract in Portugal + six months’ bank statement and a criminal record certificate.

How much is Portugal Visa Fee in Pakistan?

The Portugal visa fee in Pakistan is Rs.24,800 for adults and Rs.12,400 for children. This visa fee is related to the standard short-term Schengen visa. Children under 6 years are not charged any visa fee by the Portugal embassy in Pakistan.

Processing Time of Portugal Visa in Pakistan

The processing time for a Portugal visa in Pakistan is 15 calendar days. This is standard time for a Schengen visa. If you are applying for other types of visas i.e. D7, D7, and D2 etc then it might take more time because of the backlog and verification of documents.

Best Tips for Portugal Visa in Pakistan

Guys, remember that Portugal is a welcoming country and it offers you great opportunities in Europe. People are going to Portugal to settle down for citizenship. Therefore, you should try to complete your visa application with careful assessment and documents. Don’t submit your application in a hurry and don’t send incomplete documents to the embassy because they won’t care about your incomplete application and will refuse it straightaway.

Secondly, try to apply for another Schengen country that’s more tourist-friendly such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, or France. If your Portugal visa is refused then don’t hesitate to apply from Another Schengen country. I have a visa guide for most of the Schengen countries on this blog and you can easily apply for the visas yourself.

Note: If you need visa consultancy for Portugal visa in Pakistan then we offer a paid consultancy by WhatsApp or Zoom in which you will be able to talk to Mr. Abdul Wali for 30 minutes and explain your situation, He will give you the best tips for any visa. You can book an appointment for visa consultancy by contacting us via email ( or by messaging us on WhatsApp: +923112127101.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portugal Visa in Pakistan

How to Apply for a Portugal Tourist Visa?

You can apply for a Portugal visa by following this complete visa guide on this blog and you will be able to book an appointment for a Portugal visa in Pakistan.

How can I get Portugal visa online in Pakistan?

You can’t get Portugal in Pakistan because it’s an entirely physical process. The Schengen countries will start online visa applications very soon in 2024.

Is there Portugal Embassy in Pakistan?

Yes. The Portuguese embassy is located in Islamabad and the visa application is handled by VFS Global in Pakistan.

How can I settle in Portugal from Pakistan?

You can settle in Portugal by applying for a Portugal visa in Pakistan. Once you get the visa then you make legal entry into Portugal and apply for a Residence permit in Portugal.

Where is Portugal embassy in Karachi?

There is no Portugal embassy in Karachi. Portugal has an embassy in Islamabad and the visa application is handled by VFS Global.