How to Apply for Germany Visa in Pakistan 2023?

Germany is one of the Schengen countries in Europe which has an embassy and consulate in Pakistan. If you are planning to visit Germany for tourism or business purpose then you will need to apply for a Schengen visa through Germany. I will share with you the entire process of applying for a German visa in Pakistan in 2023.

How to Apply for Germany Visa in Pakistan

Types of Germany Visas in Pakistan

Germany has a strong presence in Pakistan and issues many types of visas to Pakistani citizens and Afghan citizens in Pakistan. The most common German visas people apply for in Pakistan are short-term Schengen visas. But Germany also offers the following categories of visas in Pakistan through its diplomatic missions:

  1. Student visas
  2. Humanitarian visas
  3. Family reunion visas
  4. Official visas
  5. Work visas

However, you have to take an appointment for a German visa either at the embassy in Islamabad or the consulate general in Karachi. I will share the links for booking online appointments for a German visa in Pakistan.

Is Germany your Main Destination for Schengen Visa?

Schengen visa is a joint visa for 27 countries in the European Union which includes the Federal Republic of Germany as well. However, you have to decide which country is your main destination to apply for a Schengen visa. In case Germany is your main destination then you can apply for a Schengen visa through Germany. If you are visiting multiple countries in the Schengen zone then simply select the country where you will spend more days.

For Example: If you are going to France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland and you will spend a total of 15 days in these four countries but you want to spend 7 days in Germany and the rest of 8 days in three different countries then you can apply for Schengen visa through Germany because in this case, Germany is your main destination.

How to Apply for Germany Visa in Pakistan?

Once your travel plan is ready then you will start the process of applying for a German visa in Pakistan. If you are planning to visit Germany for tourism purposes then the process is very simple. However, you have to book an appointment online in order to submit your visa application either at the German embassy in Islamabad or the consulate general in Karachi.

If you are a resident of Sindh and Balochistan then you can submit your application at the Consulate General of Germany in Karachi only and for the rest of the people, the embassy in Islamabad is responsible. However, before you can submit your application, you have to take an appointment online. These days, online appointment takes a lot of time so try to book as earlier as possible to avoid delays in your processing.

Click to book an appointment for Karachi

Click to book an appointment for Islamabad

What are the Required Documents for Germany Visa in Pakistan?

After you have successfully secured your appointment. Now it’s time to collect the documents and prepare the application. First of all, you will need to fill out the Schengen visa application form. You can download this form online from the embassy website or you can also obtain it from the embassy/consulate free of charge.

Apart from the application form, you will need to provide the following documents for a complete and successful German Schengen visa application:

  1. Passport valid for 6 months
  2. Two recent photographs (see photo specification)
  3. Covering Letter Explaining Your Travel Plan
  4. Copy of CNIC
  5. Photo of Passport’s first page
  6. Color copy of Family Registration Certification (FRC)
  7. Employment Letter (if doing a job)
  8. Business documents (if doing business)
  9. NTN & tax returns of last two years (business person)
  10. National Tax Number “NTN” (for business person)
  11. Last three salary slips (Job holder)
  12. School enrollment (for students)
  13. Pakistan visa (for foreigners living in Pakistan)
  14. Bank statement for the last six months
  15. Bank maintenance certificate
  16. Hotel Booking (for the entire stay)
  17. Flight booking itinerary
  18. Travel insurance (for the entire stay minimum $30,0000)

The embassy/consulate may ask for additional documents. Please check the latest information on the embassy/consulate website. We will update this list of requirements from time to time as soon as we find updates on the embassy website.

How Much is Germany Visa Fee in Pakistan?

Germany visa fee for a Schengen visa is Euro 80, that’s equal to Pakistani Rupees 24,000 as of July 2023 exchange rate. However, this is for adults, and for children 6-12 years the visa fee is only 40 Euro that’s 12,000 Pakistani rupees as per the current exchange rate.

If you are applying for a Transit visa to Germany then the visa fee is the same as a tourist visa. For a national “D” visa the fee is 75 Euro that’s around 22,000 Pakistani rupees. This price is mentioned on the German embassy website in Pakistan. Click here to see.

Germany Schengen Visa Processing Time in Pakistan

The standard processing time for a Schengen visa in Pakistan is 15 calendar days. However, if you get a late appointment then it may take months. In some cases, the embassy also takes extra time when they need to interview the applicant and ask for additional documents. In my case, the application took around 20 days to return from the embassy with a visa.

I will give you a simple tip here you should always submit a complete and proper visa application to avoid the hassle of rejection. Because you shouldn’t make a mistake in your application so later on you can’t blame the visa officer for the rejection.

Germany Visa Tips for Pakistani Citizens

I will give you a few personal tips for a Schengen visa and also for a German visa. Don’t lie in your application and don’t provide fake documents. Secondly, if this is your first time for a Schengen visa then only select one or two countries. Furthermore, plan a few days trip like 7 to 10 days in total. I have seen people giving 20 to 25 days itinerary which is not sensible for your first visit. And don’t include too many countries for your first time.

Try to provide a confirmed paid hotel booking which you can later cancel. This way, the visa officer will think that you have already spent money on the trip. Don’t provide a cheap hostel if this is your first Schengen visa application. Also, try to book a paid packaged tour and attach it to your application. Select the one you can easily cancel once you get your visa. After you have the visa in your hands, then do whatever you want.

Keep in mind that you have to enter the country first that issued you the Schengen visa. Never try to land in another country especially if this is your first Schengen visa. For example, if Germany issues your Schengen visa then you should first land in Germany.

Note: If you need visa consultancy about Germany visa then we offer a paid consultancy by WhatsApp or Zoom in which you will be able to talk to Mr. Abdul Wali for 30 minutes and explain your situation. You can book an appointment for visa consultancy by contacting us via email ( or by messaging us on WhatsApp: +923112127101.

Frequently Asked Questions About Germany Visa

What is the visa fee for Germany from Pakistan?

Germany’s visit visa fee is 80 Euro that’s equal to Rs.24,000 according to the current (July, 2023) exchange rate in the open market.

Can I apply for a German visa online in Pakistan?

No. You can’t apply for a German visa online in Pakistan. This visa has to be submitted offline at the embassy or consulate in Pakistan.

Is Germany visa open for Pakistan?

Yes. Germany visa is open in Pakistan and the covid era restrictions are no more in place. You can apply for Germany visa in Pakistan at the embassy in Islamabad or the consulate in Karachi.

How long does it take to get a German visa in Pakistan?

It takes approximately 15 to 20 days for a Germany visa to be processed in Pakistan. However, the appointment is not easy to get these days in Pakistan due to the backlog created during covid-19.

How can I go to Germany from Pakistan?

You can go to Germany by applying for a visitor’s visa in Pakistan. You can also take admission to study in Germany and then go to Germany to study at University or colleague. Education is free in Germany.