How to Apply for Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan in 2023?

Kazakhstan is one of the most important countries in Central Asia. If you are planning to visit Kazakhstan then you will need to apply for a visa in advance. I will guide you on how to apply for Kazakhstan visa from Pakistan and I will share the exact process with you. It’s a very similar process to an Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan in 2023.

There are two steps in obtaining a Kazakh visa in Pakistan. The first step is to get an invitation letter from Kazakhstan (We will arrange this for you) and the second step is to apply for a Kazakhstan visa at the Kazakh embassy or consulate of your choice once you have the invitation letter then the visa is almost confirmed.

How to Apply for Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan
Kazakhstan Sticker Visa Sample.

How to Get an Invitation Letter for Kazakhstan Visa in Pakistan?

The first step for a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan is to contact a travel agency in Kazakhstan and apply for an invitation letter through them. Without an invitation letter, it’s not easy to get a visit visa for Kazakhstan. Luckily, we have a friendly travel agency in Kazakhstan who can apply for an invitation letter and it will take 7 to 10 working days.

The invitation letter cost is $140 USD per applicant. I know it’s a little bit expensive but that’s what they charge for the invitation letter from Pakistani citizens. However, with this invitation letter, the visa is almost guaranteed. Once you have the invitation letter in your hands, you can simply go to the embassy or consulate you have mentioned in the invitation letter and you will easily get the visa in 2 to 3 days.

Kazakhstan Visa Invitation Letter Price Chart:

Single EntryDouble EntryChildren
$140 USD $200 USD Half Price
Validity of the VisaStay in UzbekistanProcessing Time
90 Days 30 Days7 to 10 working days

Following is the list of documents that you will need to submit in order for us to apply an invitation letter for you from Kazakhstan:

  • Clear Scanned Copy of Your Passport
  • Emopylemnt Letter on Company Letterhead
  • Fill out the Application Form (Which we will send you)
  • Travel History Stamps & Visa Pages
  • $140 USD or equivalent in PKR

Once you contact us for the Kazakhstan invitation letter, we will send you the bank account details for the payment after you have completed the payment. You will need to send us the above-mentioned documents which we will forward to the agency in Kazakhstan. They will start processing your invitation letter. You will have to wait for 7 to 10 working days and once your invitation letter is approved by the government of Kazakhstan then we will send you it by email. You can contact us by email ( or by WhatsApp: +923112127101

Kazakhstan Visa Invitation Letter

How to Apply for Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan?

After you have the invitation letter, you will be able to obtain the sticker visa from the embassy or consulate that you have mentioned on the application form. Because when you fill out the invitation letter form, you have to mention where you want to apply for the visa. For example, if you want to apply in Islamabad then you will need to go to the Kazakh embassy in Islamabad and apply for a visa there. With the invitation letter, you will just need to provide the basic documents such as a passport, photographs, and visa application form.

If you live outside Pakistan permanently such as in Dubai, Doha or Istanbul, etc then you can mention that city/country to apply for a Kazakhstan visa but Remember that it’s not easy to change the place once you mention it in the invitation letter, so be careful.

Also, call the embassy/consulate in advance and ask them what documents they want with your invitation letter. That will save you a lot of time. Normally, they ask for two photographs, the application form, and your passport.

The embassy/consulate charges $60 USD as a visa fee and that’s separate from the invitation letter fee. Therefore, the total cost for a Kazakhstan visa will be $200. That’s a little bit higher than the USA visa in Pakistan but since Kazakhstan’s invitation letter is more expensive than the visa. This is because you have to buy a tour package in order to visit Kazakhstan, but if you get the invitation letter then you don’t need to buy any package tour.

Note: You can contact us by email ( or by WhatsApp number: +923112127101 for a Kazakhstan visa invitation letter.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kazakhstan Visa

How can I get a Kazakhstan visa from Pakistan?

You will need to apply for an invitation letter and that will take up to 10 working days. After you have an invitation letter, you can easily obtain a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan in 2 to 3 working days.

Is a Kazakhstan visa easy to get in Pakistan?

It’s easy to get with an invitation letter. Without an invitation letter, it’s not easy to get a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan. But with a pre-approved invitation letter, you can quickly get this visa on a Pakistani passport.

How much Kazakhstan visa cost in Pakistan?

The visa fee is $60 USD for a single entry but the invitation letter will cost you around $150 which makes the total cost around $210 USD.

Is a Kazakhstan visa on arrival for a Pakistani passport?

No, it’s not an arrival visa for Pakistan. However, you can see the list of countries that are visa-free on a Pakistani passport.

What month is best to visit Kazakhstan?

The best month to visit Kazakhstan is the month of April and May. The summer months of June, July, and August are very hot in Kazakhstan.

What are the most popular cities in Kazakhstan?

Nur Sultan is the capital of Kazakhstan and Almaty is the most popular city in Kazakhstan. Most of the tourists will arrive in Almaty for tourism.